The pending applications list provides information on people and businesses who have applied for a labour hire licence. 

Each entry appears on the list when the application is submitted and will remain on the list until a decision is made.

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WARNING: The pending applications list should not be confused with the register of licensed labour hire providers. The presence of a business on the list of pending applications does not guarantee that the application will be successful and that the business will ultimately receive a labour hire licence. It is an offence to use an unlicensed labour hire provider for labour hire services.

Applications in green have been made prior to 15 June 2018. After 15 June 2018 you can continue to use a labour hire provider shown in green until a decision is made and the application is removed from this list. If you continue to use this labour hire provider for labour hire services once their application has been removed it is your responsibility to ensure that the labour hire provider has been granted a licence by checking the register of licences.

If an application is shown in grey it has been made after 15 June 2018 and you should not engage this labour hire provider to provide labour hire services until they have been granted a licence and appear on the register of licences.

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